Three men arrested for stealing a shed while dragging it with a pickup

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From the ‘Can’t fix stupid’ file we bring you a story out of Lebanon, Maine where state police arrested three men Monday who were caught stealing a 25-foot long shed by dragging it down the road behind a pickup.

Naturally, as the three amigos, shown below, tried towing their prize sans wheels, it caught the attention of a concerned passerby who called police.

“Troopers arrived on scene to find a shed approximately 25 feet in length being dragged by a truck on Heath Road, blocking half off the roadway,” Maine State Police posted on their Facebook page. “After conducting an investigation, it was learned that the three subjects had no right to the shed and had in fact stolen it.”

It probably won’t come as a surprise to learn that one of the men had crystal meth and bottle of prescription pills for which he had no prescription.

“Can’t fix stupid,” writes one Facebook user.