Work truck and passenger jet collide at Baltimore airport

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Updated May 8, 2018

Truck versus plane? Yep.

While we’ve heard of plenty of work truck accidents, we definitely don’t get many dealing with trucks colliding into planes, or planes colliding into trucks. Like none. Zero.

While we don’t know exactly what happened at Baltimore-Washington Thurgood Marshall Airport early Monday morning, we do know that a pickup and a Southwest Airlines jet had a fender bender. The plane had just flown in from Ft. Lauderdale, Fla., according to the

The Boeing 737 arrived earlier than scheduled at around 12:47 a.m. Citing an internal investigation, Southwest would only say that they were sorry for the inconvenience and happy to hear that everyone was safe.

Hmmm…we’re not so sure if everyone’s job is safe following the accident. Was someone texting while piloting? Did the pickup driver fall asleep at the wheel? Given the typical duration of NTSB investigations, it will probably be quite some time before we find out.