Mercedes-Benz teases mid-size pickup

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Updated Oct 25, 2016

Though it won’t be revealed until tomorrow, Mercedes-Benz opted to tease its mid-size pickup concept on YouTube over the weekend and it’s already generating plenty of discussion.

Many of the comments left behind following its roughly 300,000 views question whether it’s a good idea for Mercedes, a brand commonly associated with luxury vehicles, to enter the competitive mid-size truck market.

“Who is going to want to **** up their nice Mercedes pickup bed when they go to Home Depot?” asks Hugh Weiner in the comments below the video.

Mercedes has been expanding its utilitarian image with its Sprinter and Metris vans and it may further that reach with a mid-size pickup. However, it’s doubtful that the truck will be offered for sale in the U.S.

The truck, which was developed with Nissan, will be unveiled tomorrow in Stockholm, Sweden.