Vintage pickups that may help boost business

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Tom Selleck’s recent sale of his 1-ton 1953 Dodge Power Wagon was a reminder of how hot the old pickup market can get.

Some fleets have adopted old trucks in their line-up to help draw attention to their business. Obviously, it’s hard not to look at and enjoy a restored classic, and considering the price of billboards and TV ads, it may not be a bad trade-off.

Selleck’s celebrity status undoubtedly helped elevate the price of his pristine pickup. Trucks in similar condition are worth around $46,500, according to The star of “Blue Bloods” sold his for around $121,000 at a Barrett-Jackson auction Saturday in Connecticut.

While not everyone can claim concours condition and celebrity status for a vintage truck, that still hasn’t hampered this segment from consistently scoring high marks with consumers.

Fox News reported on some vintage trucks that they think are worth collecting. Here’s their dream fleet: 1967-72 Chevrolet C10; 1985 Toyota SR5; 1978-79 Dodge Li’l Red Express (considered to be the fastest domestically produced vehicle of that time by Car and Driver); and 1958-1968 Dodge Power Wagon W300; and 1953-56 Ford F100.

Average value for a 1955 F-100, according to, is roughly $10,500. With 118-hp to 132-hp stock variations (223- and 239-cubic inch respectively), it may not compare to today’s contemporary fire-breathers, but it will surely turn some heads.

A 1970 Chevy C-10 has an average value of around $7,000. A 1958 Dodge W300 1-ton has an average value of approximately $12,200.

Dodge’s Li’l Red Express, which was delivered with a 360 V8, comes with a bigger price tag; it’s average price is listed at $18,800.

Though Fox News considers the 1985 Toyota SR5 a classic worth collecting, it has not made its way onto Hagerty’s website just yet. However, NADA gives the 4×4 pickup, which was featured in the popular film “Back to the Future,” an average price of $3,400.

(Photos: Hagerty)

1955 Ford F-1001955 Ford F-100

1978 Dodge Lil' Red Express1978 Dodge Lil' Red Express

1970 Chevy C-101970 Chevy C-10