Tom Selleck’s 1953 Power Wagon up for auction

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Tom Selleck’s 1953 Dodge Power Wagon will be up for auction Saturday in Connecticut.Tom Selleck’s 1953 Dodge Power Wagon will be up for auction Saturday in Connecticut.

Tom Selleck of “Magnum P.I.” and “Blue Bloods” fame is selling his 1-ton 1953 Dodge Power Wagon.

Barrett-Jackson will be auctioning off the bright red, four-wheel-drive pickup Saturday morning in Connecticut.

Barrett-Jackson’s website reports that the truck, with only 18,960 original miles, has a 230 cubic inch engine that’s paired up with a four speed manual transmission.

“It features a PTO winch and a PTO water pump for drawing water from a stagnant source,” Barrett-Jackson reports.

Drawing water from a stagnant source? Yep. According to, the pickup is a former fire service truck that was restored less than a 100 miles ago and features a working siren.

“It’s black vinyl upholstery and trim is new, but it still has its original steering wheel and dash. Its bed has been rebuilt and is floored with new 5/4 oak planks,” Fox News reports.

Online bids will be accepted. According to, trucks in similar condition are worth about $46,500.

Barrett-Jackson doesn’t offer pre-sale estimates for its lots, but standard Power Wagons in top condition without the celebrity cache are currently worth around $46,500, according to Hagerty.

No word yet on whether Selleck ever woke up Mr. Higgins with that siren.

(Photos: Barrett-Jackson)

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