Cold Weather And Dead Batteries

Snow covered GMC_BWS3588

When temperatures drop below freezing, the health of the batteries in a vehicle are quickly revealed. None more so than in pickups.

A well-maintained battery in good condition will crank a cold engine with little effort, bringing it to life in seconds.

A battery weekend by cell sulfating or poor maintenance, on the other hand, will start the cranking process but quickly run out of power to turn a cold motor, leaving you searching for a jump or another battery.

Diesel pickups have an edge over their gas counterparts in that they have dual batteries to handle the added load.

Gas-powered pickups can be upfit with a dual-batteriy conversion, which is a good safety measure when the truck’s electrical system is further taxed with auxiliary lights, a winch, and other accessories. 

As for the batteries themselves, proper maintenance throughout the year will usually prevent a winter meltdown. This may include putting them on a special battery charger from time to time to keep them healthy.

If the battery – or batteries – in your work truck are old and in need of replacing, don’t let price dictate the replacements. When it comes to batteries, you get what you pay for in quality, performance and longevity. Match the battery to the need and install a replacement with at least the specs of the OE component.

And if you have dual batteries, replace both so the new one isn’t being dragged down by the old one. 

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