Survey Says: You're An Annoying Driver

talking on cellphoneTop 10 Worst Driving Habits

Insure.Com tallies results from more than 2,000 licensed drivers to find what passengers think makes an annoying driver


Are you an annoying driver? Your passengers think so.

According to a new survey of 2,000 licensed drivers, a third point to their spouses as being “the most annoying drivers” whose habits send their blood pressure through the roof.

The new survey also shows drivers who following too closely and drive too fast also raise passenger’s blood pressure.

Top 5 Most Annoying Driver

  1. My spouse: 36 percent
  2. A friend: 22 percent
  3. My mother: 16 percent
  4. My father: 9 percent
  5. Other: 8 percent

Top 10 Most Annoying Driving Habits

  1. Following others too closely: 14 percent
  2. Driving too fast: 13 percent
  3. Driving too slowly: 10 percent
  4. Cutting off other drivers: 8 percent
  5. Talking on cellphone while driving: 7 percent
  6. Merging too slowly onto the highway: 6 percent
  7. Getting lost: 6 percent
  8. Taking inconvenient and/or long routes: 6 percent
  9. Fiddling with radio/CD player: 6 percent
  10. Failing to stay in their lane: 6 percent


“When we look at each ‘annoying behavior’ and who’s most likely to be guilty of it, we see that people have specific complaints against friends,” said Amy Danise, editorial director of

“In addition to the usual speeding and following too closely, friends are most likely to be cutting off other drivers, fiddling with the radio/CD player, talking on the cellphone while driving, failing to signal and looking at passengers rather than the road while talking.”

So, what bugs you the most about the person you share the most seat time with?