ARB Modular Super Duty Bumper

ARB USA Reveals New Super Duty Winch Bumper At SEMA Show 2013

ARB 2013 Ford bumper


by Bruce W. Smith

If heavy duty front end protection, design, safety and winch mounting are important features for your Ford work truck, the new ARB USA modular bumper system should be of great interest.

Attendees at the 2013 SEMA Show here in Las Vegas got a chance to see the first production version on a 2013 F-250.

Unlike previous 1-piece welded bumpers that’ve been the signature of ARB’s Australian-built bumpers, the new “modular” design allows truck owners the opportunity to have full flexibility of how little or how much front-end coverage they desire.

ARB says the new modular Super Duty bumper is available with or without the winch mount, and the bolt-on grille and brush guards can be added at any time.

The brush and grille guards bolt on, and the new bumper, which will be available for Dodge/Ram and GM full-size trucks within a few months, also incorporate the crush zones and other design elements so truck’s OEM crash protection isn’t compromised.

In addition, ARB says, the modular system is designed to provide the same strength at all points as the ARB one-piece, welded bumpers.

The Super Duty base bumper will be selling for around $1,500 while the version with all the components will be closer to $2,000.

ARB is also marketing their own brand of LED off-road driving lights and a multitude of other truck accessories.