Weld Rekon Wheels

Weld Rekon Wheels


Weld Racing’s Rekon line of wheels feature forged monoblock construction that drives up strength while keeping weight to a minimum.

The first Rekon model, the F58B, is designed for Jeep and Ford Raptor applications. More models to come.

These wheels are the first application of Weld’s all new Advanced Tactical Coating (ATC).  ATC is a proprietary nano-ceramic barrier to protect against mud, abrasions, salt, and corrosion.

ATC locks in Weld’s signature mirror shine with no dulling or discoloration.

The Rekon is available in 17Ă—9 and 20Ă—8.5” sizes with an optional 17” Bead-Loc.  All Rekon wheels models will be produced in five and six lug styles.

CONTACT: www.weldracing.com; 800-788-9353