Super Duties Spotlighted At SEMA

SEMA 2013  A Showcase For Customized Ford Pickups


Ford teamed up with a number of customizers to help showcase the company’s pickups from the F-150 to the F-350. Those collaboration efforts paid off.

These customized “work trucks” should give present and future Ford truck owners some cool ideas. F350-CarsbyKris

Here’re two examples of what SEMA 2013 show attendees will see:

Ford F-350  â€“ Cars by Kris 

The Ford F-350 Super Duty from Cars by Kris is where rugged off-road performance meets the feel of a luxury vehicle.

Called the High Roller, the team at Cars by Kris installed Banks Power performance products and MagnaFlow exhaust systems for the 6.7-liter PowerStroke diesel engine providing more power and improved fuel efficiency.

  • Powertrain modifications include a Banks Power Ram-Air Intake, Straight-Shot Water-Methanol Injection System and iQ Man-Machine Interface. Diesel exhaust is carried by MagnaFlow custom pipes
  • Carli Suspension upgrades to the chassis handle 22-inch, eight-lug wheels from American Force Wheels with tires from Toyo Tires

Custom upholstery with hexagon stitched seats, painted interior accents and custom floor mats



EcoTrek Ford F-350 

The Ford F-350 by EcoTrek is an ecofriendly ride that is equipped for almost any adventure.

EcoTrek estimates a range of up to 1,800 miles per tank, and the truck can run on diesel, biodiesel, algae-based biodiesel or any combination of those fuels.

It also has a rooftop shelter, refrigerator, stoves and flexible solar panels that allow it to be used in some of the most rugged locations.

  • TransferFlow 50-gallon tank under the bed of the truck and removable 75-gallon tank in the bed
  • Can run on diesel, biodiesel or algae-based biodiesel
  • 9-inch lift from Bulletproof Suspension with aftermarket shocks and springs