10 Tips To Improve Fuel Economy

10 Tips For Better Pickup Fuel Economy _BWS4726


by Bruce W. Smith

Maximizing pickup fuel economy weighs heavy on the minds of anyone who wants to reduce annual operating costs and improve profit, whether small business or large.

If maximizing mpg is your primary goal, here are a ten tips that guarantee pickup fuel economy will be maintained or improved – 5 Do’s and 5 Don’ts:

Better MPG Don’ts

  1. Don’t add weight. Increased vehicle weight decreases MPG.
  2. Don’t add a lift kit. Lifting the truck increases the aerodynamic profile, creating more drag.
  3. Don’t add taller/wider tires. Bigger tires add weight and increase aero drag.
  4. Don’t add a winch or heavy duty bumper. Both add more weight and increase aero drag.
  5. Don’t drive over 65mph. MPG falls exponentially as vehicle speed increases above 65mph.

Better MPG Do’s

  1. Do keep tire pressures at vehicle recommended psi. Under-inflated tires hurt MPG.
  2. Do add a tonneau cover. Covering the bed improves the aerodynamics.
  3. Do drive with a light right foot. Hard acceleration kills fuel economy.
  4. Do add a cold-air intake and cat- or turbo-back exhaust. A better breathing engine is more efficient.
  5. Do run synthetic lubricants in engine and differentials. Synthetics reduce drag of moving parts.