Escort MediaFlair Review: Personal WiFi

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Product Review: Escort MediaFlair

Escort MediaFlair Makes Field Meetings Seamless


by Bruce W. Smith

Ever need to share files, blueprints, reports, forms, photos or videos with several people at one time?

Or allow different people at a jobsite or in the office to see multiple files simultaneously?

Escort’s new MediaFlair makes sharing files on-the-go as easy as turning it on.

The baby device ($99) emits its own WiFi signal and allows anyone within a 100 feet to view whatever files you have loaded on its 8GB SD card.

All the viewers need is the MediaFlair app (available at the AppStore.) MediaFlair can transmit for four hours on a charge.

MediaFlair deskMediaFlair broadcasts whatever content is stored in it so up to five different devices within 100 feet.

I charged it up, downloaded the app on my iPhone, put music, video and images on the included SD card, and turned on the MediaFlair’s power.

Then I connected both my iPad and iPhone to the MediaFlair WiFi network.

When I opened the app all the files popped up on the screens. I could open up all the files as if they were on my iPhone. I opened a video from the MediaFlair files on my phone and at the same time viewed a spreadsheet on an iPad.

Pretty cool.

It’s a great piece of electronic hardware to take to a jobsite where you need to share information with co-worker, subcontractors, inspectors, and the like.

[youtube YIj8kQbAe1E#t=14 nolink]