Police Interceptor EcoBoost One Hot SUV

Ford Police InterceptorEcoBoost Ford Police Interceptor On Hot SUV


If you see a plain white Ford Explorer with black wheels sitting off the side of the road, pay attention: It’s the 2014 Ford Police Interceptor – the hottest law enforcement wheels on the road.

The 365hp EcoBoost V-6 Explorer-based Interceptor was tested hood-to-hood against the popular Chevy Tahoe during recent instrumented acceleration testing by the Michigan State Police.

It left the Tahoe V8 in the dust.

“These tests conducted by the Michigan State Police are an important validation of best-in-class performance in outright acceleration – the most critical measure of police pursuit vehicles,” said Bill Gubing, Ford chief engineer.

“Agencies tell us if the bad guys see the police vehicle quickly close in pursuit, they’re less likely to try to run. If this can help reduce the number of high-speed chases, then we could improve public safety on our nation’s roads.”

The new all-wheel-drive 3.5-liter EcoBoost-powered utility vehicle made its debut in Michigan State Police testing, and while competition was close among sedans, the Ford utility left its rivals in the dust.

Compared to the 5.3-liter V8-powered Chevrolet Tahoe, which posted a 0-60 mph time of 8.22 seconds and a 0-100 mph time of 21.95 seconds, the Ford Police Interceptor  hit 60 mph in 6.28 seconds and 100 mph in 15.51 seconds.

Ford’s Police Interceptor utility vehicle is proving particularly attractive to agencies that could use the added space and versatility it provides.

Gubing pointed out these tests demonstrate police agencies don’t have to sacrifice performance for the additional space and functionality Police Interceptor utility delivers. Approximately 60 percent of Ford Police Interceptor sales are the utility vehicle, with 40 percent for the sedan.