8-Speed For 2016 GM 1/2-ton Pickups

2016 GM 1/2-Tons Getting 8-Speed Automatic

Rumors still abound but no one is actually spilling the beans2014 TL80 (MGG) Eight Speed RWD Automatic Transmission for Cadil


The rumor mill has it the 2016 GM full-size pickups will finally be getting a GM designed-and-built 8-speed automatic.

But it’s still just a rumor. Just as it was a couple years ago when rumors of an 8- or 10-speed coming for the trucks started circulating.

The new Corvette Stingray still has a GM 6-speed while the hot new Cadillac with the 420hp twin-turbo V-6 has an Aisin-sourced 8-speed.

So where does GM stand on the eight-speed automatics for the trucks? Where are they on the development of  those 9- and 10-speed automatics with Ford?

Wards Auto insiders have an interesting take:

“General Motors still plans to bring an 8-speed automatic transmission to market after hooking up with Ford earlier this year for future 9- and 10-speed varieties, but don’t expect the long-awaited gearbox in its trucks and high-performance sports cars, as most industry watchers originally thought….READ MORE