Perfect Fit Floor Mats

Michelin EdgeLiner floor matMichelin EdgeLiner Floor Mats

A new line of  vehicle-specific floor mats is due to hit the market. Remington Industries Michelin EdgeLiner is custom floor mat and liner for light trucks and SUVs that are custom made to fit each vehicle precisely.

Michelin EdgeLiner mats are injection molded and feature precise laser fit measurements to ensure the best possible fit for each vehicle.

A deep tray design and rugged, all-weather topography shields the vehicle interior from debris.

Michelin EdgeLiner mats are made from a unique, engineering grade resin for superior durability.

Unlike competitive materials, Remington’s material is highly flexible. The material also repels water so it is not slippery when wet.

An OEM precise fit and additional anti-slip nib backing keep EdgeLiner mats securely in place.

Michelin EdgeLiner mats will be available for popular trucks and SUVs including the 2008–2013 Ford F Series, 2008–2013 GMC Sierra, 2008–2013 Chevrolet Silverado and 2002–2013 Dodge Ram Series.