Be Wary of What You Pay at the Pump

Tensions in the Middle East May Have an Effect on Gas Prices2013_PERC_MK_15A1762_011-400x600

The threat of retaliation against Syria is putting the oil market in a vise. Analysts predict that oil prices could go up to $125 to $130 per barrel; currently the price is at $108. Even now, Americans are seeing in increase on prices at the pump.

While Syria isn’t a major exporter of soil, their president has an ally in Iran, and Iran holds the key to 17 percent of the globe’s oil supplies. Any major conflict could drive the United States back into recession.

However, there has been a surge in transportation energy alternatives like compressed natural gas and propane autogas, which is a domestic fuel. Propane autogas is ranked as the third most commonly used vehicle fuel behind gasoline and diesel, according to Todd Mauw of Roush CleanTech.

The price at the pump is fundamental to all drivers alike, but is especially important for pickup drivers, as prices can be higher than most. Continue to watch for price fluctuations, and consider alternatives that deepen your pockets and get you where you need to go.