Cloud Rider Running Boards

Cloud-Rider Running Boards


After all these years Canada-based Cloud-Rider Designs’ Executive Series Running Board is the strongest, most stylish stainless steel running board on the market today.Cloud Rider running board

This running board will easily hold 1,000 lbs of weight, with anti-slip steps that work great with the snow and ice of winter, the rain and grime of spring, and the rocks and dirt of summer.

The highlights:

  • End Flaps & End Caps:
    • Custom fit
    • Weather resistant high quality end flaps & end caps
    • Mechanically fastened
  • Running Board:
    • Made with Marine Grade Stainless Steel
    • Look of a step bar
    • Protection of the vehicle body
  • Mounting Brackets:
    • Custom vehicle specific
    • Powder coated 12 gauge steel brackets

CONTACT: Cloud-Rider Designs; 800-632-1255