Toyota Tundra Looking At Cummins Diesel

2014_Toyota_Tundra_nurseryToyota Eyeing Cummins As Diesel Partner for Tundra

Another pickup manufacturer appears to be very close to joining the 1/2-ton diesel fray as word on the financial street is Toyota and Cummins may be partners for a diesel Tundra.

If that’s true, Toyota would be following close on the heels of Nissan, which just announced a Cummins 5.0L V-8 is in the works for the Titans.

“I think Cummins would bring instant name recognition and obviously they are a leader in diesel engine technology,” Toyota’s corporate manager for light trucks at Toyota Motor Sales USA Rick LoFaso told Edmunds.

“That is not the first time we would have a tie up with somebody else,” he added, pointing to the company’s alliances with Tesla and BMW.

Adding a diesel to the refreshed Tundra offerings would help Toyota be a little more competitive against Ford, GM and Ram, which offer full-size pickup buyers a huge array of engines, options and pickup configurations.

Toyota’s decision to go with a diesel option would make the Tundra one of the three light-duty pickups to offer the diesel engine package, with Ram and Nissan leading the way into the new market.

By joining the 1/2-ton diesel pickup fray, Nissan and Toyota are betting Cummins power plants will boost not just the performance of their  trucks, but attract consumers and commercial fleet buyers to the brand, as well.