2013 Snow Plow Comparison Guide


Buyers Products’ 2013 Snow Plow Comparison Charts


Buyers Products, maker of SnowDogg® snow plows and SaltDogg® salt spreaders, offers newly updated snow plow and salt spreader product comparison charts.

The charts allow customers to review construction and features of comparable SnowDogg, Blizzard, The BOSS, Fisher, Meyer and Western snow plows on one website as well as to review materials and features of comparable SaltDogg, Air-Flo, The BOSS, DownEaster, Henderson, Meyer, SnowEx, Swenson, TruckCraft and Western®salt spreaders in one location.

CompareSnowPlows.com is a single source of information on same-level snow plows from five different snow plow brands.

On the website, users can find side-by-side product information for medium-duty, 7 1/2- and 8 1/2-foot contractor, 7 1/2- and 8 1/2-foot V-plow and expanding plow models from leading brands.

CompareSaltSpreaders.com is a single source of information on same-level salt spreaders from 10 popular brands.

On the website, users can find side-by-side product comparison specifications and features for SUV, tailgate gravity-fed, vertical-auger, two-stage, 2-yard polymer, 3-, 4- and 6-yard polymer auger, electric stainless steel chain-drive and under-tailgate electric salt spreaders.

“When considering a snow plow or salt spreader purchase, we think it’s important for customers to be able to see how SnowDogg and SaltDogg products measure up to the competition,” said Brian Smith, marketing manager at Buyers Products.

“We did the legwork so that they can compare their options ‘apples-to-apples’ in one place, without scouring several websites for the information.”