Ford Says No to Diesel 1/2-tons


F-150 Diesel Coming Soon? Ford says “No.”


Ford’s competitors have stood behind the diesel engine, and now are (or are poised to) offer variants in their future half-tons.

But don’t expect Ford to follow suit.

According to Ford Trucks, the company is adamant on building gas-only F-150s. Ford believes it takes too long to liquidate the extra cost of a diesel engine.

“We don’t see the dynamics for an F-150 diesel right now,” says Raj Nair, told to, vice president of Ford’s global product development. Nair believes that consumers know that in purchasing a diesel variant, the payback is much longer than it’s worth.

Diesel engines are all the rage as of late due to its reputation of cost effectiveness and fuel efficiency.

Pickups such as the 2014 Ram 1500 will include a diesel alternative for customers. The  gas verses diesel debate has been increasingly tense as consumers anticipate the release of the newest pickups.

Surely the engine’s reliability and cost of ownership will be a huge factor for purchases.

Is Ford making the right decision? Chrysler seems to think they aren’t.

As told to, U.S. sales chief Reid Bigland believes that having a diesel engine option sets them apart from the competition. “We see it delivering a reasonable payback time, especially when you consider how long the average truck buyer keeps their vehicle. It won’t hurt when it comes to meeting the mileage requirements of CAFE rules either.”

Time will tell just how good of a decision Ford has made.