Wireless Power Running Boards

Bestop wireless running board

Bestop PowerBoard NX  For 2014 GM 1500s


Power retractable running boards have gained great popularity among pickup owners. Now there’s a wireless version that does’t require tapping  into the truck’s electrical system.

That’s great news to owners of the 2014 GM half-tons.

The newly designed truck went through extensive changes in the engine compartment, and GM came up with a whole new wiring scheme.

That’s where Bestop’s PowerBoard NX comes into play.  It uses wireless triggers on the doors instead of tapping into factory wiring inside the cab which greatly reduces installation time and effort.

With Bestop’s ground-breaking “Wi-Fi” design, PowerBoard NX is up and running and ready to go with the new 2014 Silverado and Sierra. It’s literally bolt-in and go.

The PowerBoard NX Wi-Fi system components are door sensors that affix to each door pillar without drilling, and a receiving unit solidly located to the frame beneath the truck.

Instead of relying on the factory â€śdoor open” wire, the PowerBoard NX sensors use a magnetic trip – as soon as the door opens, the battery equipped Sensor sends a signal to the Receiver, which triggers PowerBoard NX to instantly extend into position.

When the door is closed, PowerBoard NX automatically retracts after a five second delay.

CONTACT: bestop.com; 800-845-3567