Vapor Propane Valve

RMR Pro-Diesel Reduces Price for Vapor Propane Valve

RMR Pro-Diesel has announced a new reduced price for their two stage patented progressive vapor propane valve for diesel engines in the farm and ranch industry. The Enhancer II boost pressured valve is the only two stage valve in the industry that offers increased horse power, engine efficiency and increased mileage.hope this works

This system, unlike those that use liquid conversion, relies only on vapor and is boost pressure activated. The Enhancer II provides a base amount of propane when the engine is idling and provides additional propane to the engine based on its particular requirements.

RMR’s valve offers extra torque and horsepower to diesel engines while increasing the boost pressure level of the engine. A main safety feature is on the valve, ensuring that liquid propane will not flow to burn up the engine.

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