A.R.E. ToolMaster Bed Cap

ARE toolmaster install_BS24939

A.R.E. ToolMaster Series Bed Cap


A pickup bed is a pickup bed until you cover it with a quality bedcap, or as some like to call them, a ‘topper.”

Then the bed is transformed into a multi-purpose cargo area that can be configured to suit the need of the truck owner.

A topper also provides security and protection from the bad elements be they environment or human.

In the case of ProPickup’s Mobil Delvac-sponsored Surveyor 1 Ram 2500HD, the A.R.E. ToolMaster Series bed cap provides additional cargo management with side storage bins located on each side.

ARE side cab LEDs_BS25048Side storage cabinets have optional indirect LED lighting activated by opening the lid..

The cap is contoured to match the 2013 Ram 2500 cab and its windows are covered with aluminum “privacy” inserts to keep prying eyes from scoping out what’s on the inside.

The ToolMaster also comes with heavy-duty latch mechanisms and ours is fitted with optional BOLT locks keyed to the truck’s ignition key for maximum user convenience.

A.R.E.’s cap on Surveyor 1 is also outfitted with the optional LED lights in the cap opening and on the side boxes’ interior.

The cap design is ideal for Pickup Vault slide-out storage systems, too.

In fact, Surveyor 1 sports  a custom “Surveyor” insert from Truck Vault that furthers maximizes cargo management for any land surveyor’s needs.

A_R_E BOLT lockBOLT ignition keyed locks are optional on the ToolMaster.

ToolMaster Series Features

  • Two steel toolboxes (1 per side)
  • Prime Design AluRack commercial roof rack, with ladder rack roller
  • Side doors with aluminum inserts for privacy and security
  • Standard rear door with aluminum insert for privacy and security
  • Minimum toolbox load clearance – 14”
  • Toolbox weight capacity of 120 lbs. Per box
  • Toolbox length varies from 54” to 80” based on length of truck bed
  • Toolbox depth of 14” at the bottom of the toolbox. Overall toolbox depth varies due to the curvature of the truck cap styling
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty

Surveyor1 ARE cap