Escort Guardian Alert

Guardian Alert Laser Backup System:

GUardian Alert BS24564Quick-Fit Hitch Version


Quick-Fit Hitch offers easy installation and convenient removal for towing.

How Guardian Alert Works
Using ESCORT’s proprietary advanced radar technology, Guardian Alert essentially creates a three-dimensional cube of blind-zone coverage, scanning for objects while your vehicle is engaged in reverse.

If an obstacle is detected within this cube of coverage while you are backing up, the system alerts you with both an audio and visual warning, preventing injuries and vehicle damage.

NOTE: Each time your vehicle is placed in reverse, Guardian Alert will complete a brief self test, beeping and flashing the alert light to indicate the unit is functioning properly.

Comprehensive Blind-Zone Coverage
All vehicles have unique rear blind zones of varying dimensions.

Guardian Alert provides the most comprehensive blind-zone coverage available, scanning from the rear of your vehicle back 9 ft., across the width of your vehicle, and from ground level up to 5 ft. vertically.

All-Weather Performance
Guardian Alert’s proprietary advanced radar (microwave) technology not only detects obstacles, preventing backovers and collisions, its performance is unaffected by environmental/weather conditions, such as dirt, snow, rain, salt deposits, wind and cold operating temperatures.Unknown-1

Guardian Alert’s system will function properly even if totally covered in snow, ice, or mud. Ultrasonic backing aids cannot match this maintenance-free performance.

No Nuisance Notifications
Guardian Alert runs on an operating principle of diminishing distance, which means it senses only the diminishing distance between your vehicle and any object.

If the distance between your vehicle and an object does not decrease, a collision cannot occur. By following this operating principle, Guardian Alert is able to avoid nuisance notifications.

No Unnoticed Alerts
To ensure no alert goes unnoticed, the Driver Display comes standard with a 75-dB volume that cannot be adjusted. False alarms are infrequent; therefore, each alert requires your immediate attention is also available.

No Interference
Guardian Alert’s sensor is pulse modulated so that it will not set off radar detectors or interfere with similar devices. In fact, multiple sensors may be used on the same vehicle.