SuperSprings Installed

4 Super SpringsApril 9, 2013

ODO: 21,241

We’ are going to be adding a few hundred pounds of extra weight on Bedrock II with new bedcap and slide-out drawers.

I’m planning on using the A.R.E. Overland’s roof rack and throwing heavy items inside the topper from time to time–as well as towing a trailer or two.

That said, thought it’d be nice to put a little helper spring in the rear.

Installed Super Springs “vehicle stabilizer” single-leaf overloads in the rear.

Easy upgrade. Less than an hour. 3/4″ wrench and air gun.

Doesn’t change ride that much from stock. Lifted rear maybe 1-2 inches.

Super Springs will really help when carrying 500-1,000 pounds in the bed.

Also swapped out stock rear shocks and replaced them with ReadyLift’s new SST 9000-series shocks.

Great upgrade in itself.- Bruce Smith/Editor