Cobalt Step Drills

Hougen Cobalt  Step DrillsHougen Step Drill its

 If there’s one tool up fitters and fabricators are constantly reaching for in the shop it’s drill bits. One version that is the go-to is the step-drill bit.

Hougen Manufacturing, a leading manufacturer in hole-making tools, has a new line of  Step Drills that will keep replacement costs minimized.

Hougen’s  new step drills are made from cobalt M42 High Speed Steel with a TiN coating which improves tool life.

The step drills also feature an angled double flute which increases penetration rates and reduces the force needed when drilling.

Starting the hole is made easy with the Hougen split point.

The new Step drills are available in three sizes:

  • Part No 35200 for sizes 1/8” to ½” for 1/8” materials.
  • Part No. 35201 for sizes 3/16” to ½” for 3/8” materials
  • Part No. 35202 for sizes 3/16” to 7/8” for 1/8” materials

Contact: www.hougen.com810-635-7111