A.R.E.  ARE Outfit for Work

A.R.E. has been covering the beds of pickups since 1969 and added a commercial line of bed caps a decade later. A.R.E. also produces tonneau covers.

The company also established itself early on as an  industry leader and continues to do so today.

For example, A.R.E. was the first fiberglass cap manufacturer to offer automotive paint finishes in 1990 and in 1992 started offering walk-in door units.

It’s also the only  U.S. truck cap manufacturer to achieve an ISO certification, which speak to the engineering and build quality of the products. A.R.E. Truck vault Surveyor2

The intent of ISO certification is to better document practices and procedures, which in turn should lead to more uniform and consistent production processes, as well as improved quality procedures.

At A.R.E. we believe in the need for constant improvement. Our ISO Certification was updated in September of 2009.

A.R.E. also offers a Pickup Vault when a customer needs a cap and first-class cargo management system.

Those are the reasons why ProPickup’s editors selected A.R.E. as the bed cap partner in the building of the 2013 Ram 2500HD sweepstakes truck called “Surveyor 1.”

With a Toolmaster bed cap and Pickup Vault combination, the professional contractor or surveyor who needs to store gear and have easy access to longer tools  can get it all from one source – A.R.E..

ARE ISO image