Surveyor 1 logo final

2014 Sweepstakes Truck


Every year  ProPickup has built a pickup targeting a segment within the different working environments of heavy construction and contracting (road/bridge building, site development, landscaping, etc) and given it away the following year.

2013 is no different.

This year we are taking a 2013 Ram 2500HD 4Ă—4 Crew Cab, powered by the workhorse 6.7L Cummins, and setting it up to be the dream package for surveyors — or anyone who ventures into the woods and needs to be self-sufficient in the field.

We’ve dubbed our 2014 sweepstakes truck “Surveyor 1.”

Surveyor 1 will be transformed into quite a versatile work truck this year with a long list of upgrades and aftermarket add-ons.

Our build goal: To turn this superbly designed workhorse 2013 Ram 2500HD diesel into an even more refined, versatile, efficient, powerful tool on and off the jobsite.Surveyor 1 diamondplate logo

Surveyor 1’s fuel economy, load-carrying capacity, towing ability, crew comfort, versatility and dependability, wrapped up in a stylish package, makes for a great combination when it comes to a pickup tasked for work in the construction, aggregates, landscaping and contracting trades.

Surveyor 1 would also serve nicely in a DOT, utility or municipality’s fleet.

We are proud to have Mobil Delvac as and Ram Truck onboard as the title sponsors of  Surveyor 1. The big Ram Crew Cab will be ensured a long, healthy life with Mobil Delvac premium fluids and lubricants protecting the vitals.

Of course, we couldn’t build a great sweepstakes truck like Surveyor 1 without the help from the automotive aftermarket sponsors listed below.

So with that, let the build begin. – The Editors