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Fab Fours Inc. is the worlds leading pickup, Jeep and accessories manufacturer dedicated to pushing the boundaries of innovation, design and ingenuity in every product developed.

Fab Fours is the undeniable leader in premium bumpers for both Truck and Jeep, consumer, commercial and fleet, and has now produced more than 27,000 bumpers.

Among those, the front and rear bumpers found on ProPickup’s 2008 Big Red Dually sweepstake’s truck — and the magazine’s newest sweepstake’s truck — the 2013 Surveyor 1 Ram 2500HD.

By combining the absolute best 3D design rendering capabilities with advanced business strategy,Fab Fours has the confidence to lead the industry in new product design quality as well as on-time no-nonsense delivery.

Incorporated in 2004, Fab Fours has been on a growth trajectory uncharacteristic in the automotive aftermarket. This growth has earned them awards such as the Inc. 500 and Aggie 100 for sustained year over year growth.

Big-Red-Drvside_frontFab Fours Inc. is the 4th largest (by volume) aftermarket bumper manufacturer in the world.

The company takes great pride in being Made in the USA: supporting American Steel and Workers.

Fab Fours’ is a mass manufacturer; all manufacturing and coating capabilities are located at their headquarters in Lancaster, South Carolina.

This ensures repeatable quality and precise fit for every product and allows the company to keep inventory in stock at their warehouse as well as with their distributors’ warehouses.

While â€śheadcount” is certainly not a goal, Fab Fours is proud of each and every member of the Team.

Now 47 people strong, they have the base resources to scale up as necessary.

In addition, customers can take advantage of a fully staffed front office with highly qualified personnel in accounting, engineering, marketing, project management and customer service.

Fab Fours is not another â€ścottage” fabricator, it is a highly sophisticated and modern manufacturing entity ready for the biggest challenges the automotive aftermarket can provide. Fab Fours Inc500

Fab Fours Inc. strategic plan is to continue diversifying beyond bumpers to other complimentary fabricated automotive accessories.

You can count on the underlying fundamentals at Fab Fours to ensure that you have the best product at the best price with unprecedented customer service.


Fab Fours Inc., More than Expected, Better than Expected!

Contact: Fab Fours; (866) 385-1905