Optima Battery Rebate

Optima Battery April Rebate Program


image001OPTIMA Batteries is offering a special “$20 Instant Rebate” promotion during April.

This program offers consumers $20 off the retail price at the time of check out at participating retailers, dealers, approved online retailers and online at OptimaBatteries.com.

OPTIMA has long been the battery of choice for many automotive and boating enthusiasts looking for better power, longer life and greater resistance to the use and abuse of extreme applications,” said Cam Douglass,OPTIMA Batteries director of product development and marketing.

“This instant rebate offer gives loyal OPTIMA users and new customers the chance to start the 2013 season with a new Yellowtop, Redtop or Bluetop battery at a great price.”

This offer is available at all participating OPTIMA Batteries retailers including Autozone, Advance Auto Parts, O’Reilly Auto Parts, Pep Boys, various independent dealers and participating online retailers.