Engel AC/DC Freezer/Fridge

Engel MT45-with food


Need a way to really keep your cool on the job, in the field, or at home?

Engel’s full line of compact AC/DC refrigerator/freezers meet the needs of  landscapers, tradesmen and contractors wherever they may be.

Imagine getting back to the truck after a long day and enjoying an ice cream sandwich – or breaking for lunch on a hot day and not eating a soggy sandwich.

Or being on the road and always having cold drinks and fresh food at your fingertips.

Engel fridge/freezers are engineered to run off of 12V battery power (like your truck battery), 110V AC household current, and even solar panels.

They are capable of easily lowering internal temperatures to zero-degrees F if you need frozen goods frozen solid, or even freeze food before you reach your destination.

If you just need refrigeration, you can hold the temperature at a brisk 38-degrees, for ice-cold beverages and fresh meat and vegetables, even on the hottest of days.

Engel fridge/freezers are true compressor-driven refrigeration systems — not  thermoelectric coolers.

Thermoelectric coolers  only provide a temperature difference of approximately 20-degrees from ambient.

Engels freezer/fridge units can hold fridge temps at 38-degrees or stay at 0-degrees F in freezer mode.

The popular MT-Series offers a wide range of sizes. From the super portable MT17, to the MT80, you’ll find an Engel fridge/freezer built to handle your needs – or the needs of the whole crew.

Our most popular models are the MT35 and MT45.

The choice of outfitters in Africa and 4WD enthusiasts around the world, these durable, reliable appliances keep groceries chilled or frozen on all kinds of travels.

The Engel MR040 has corrosion-resistant plastic case, making it a popular choice of boaters and RVers.

Contact: www.engel-usa.com(888) 272-9838