A.R.E. Bolt one-key lock technology

A.R.E. has teamed up with Strattec SecurityA.R.E. DCU Series-Chevy hi-res to offer Bolt one-key locks as standard equipment on all A.R.E. Deluxe Commercial Unit pickup caps and Site Commander units. Programmable to a specific ignition key, truck cap owners can eliminate having the wrong keys at jobsites while minimizing theft with the locks. Any number of locks can be configured to a single key, including the truck cap, toolboxes and doors.

To code the lock, the driver inserts the truck’s ignition key into the lock cylinder, enabling the spring-loaded plate tumblers to move up and down until they are matched to the key. Once the key is rotated, the cylinder is coded for that key. Once the key is removed the cylinder moves into the locked position.