SSBC Front Calipers


SSBC front brake calipers installed.

SSBC Calipers Big Red_BS21835

Made a front brake upgrade on Big Red today. Added SSBC heavy-duty tri-piston calipers to the front brakes. Stayed with stock rotors for now.

Warren Spears at Spears Auto Repair just down the street from my Long Beach, MS, office, did the work.

This is part of a planned brake upgrade to offset the larger, heavier tire/wheel combo.

Ran truck at Gulfport Dragway before doing the upgrade to get stopping numbers from 60mph.

Even on such a nice track surface it still took 188-feet to haul the 9,500-pound GMC Dually to a stop. Not impressive.

Subsequent runs showed brake fade plays a role in a heavy truck.

May need to change to SSBC rotors and calipers at all four corners in the future.

Until then–thank goodness the truck has BD Diesel VVB exhaust brake controller!

Big Red Gulfport Dragway