New Hitch Coating Technology

15830_aCURT Manufacturing Goes A-Coat

CURT Manufacturing, a leading manufacturer of towing products,  has taken the next step forward in protecting receiver hitches from rust and corrosion.

They are using a new green technology called Aquence technology (A-coat), making them the first company in the US towing products market to do so.

A-Coat is applied after sending welded hitches through multiple stages, including a shot blast, wash and preparation system. (See video below.)

Then the new process has each hitch being dipped in a liquid A-coat before it receives CURT’s powder-coat finish.

The two coatings then co-cure together in the finishing oven, providing the most rust and chip resistant hitch available.

CURT hitches now contain an opening in the frame allowing the A-coat to cover the hitch from the inside out, further protecting the product from rust and corrosion.

[youtube SOjfFVbnOfc nolink]