SuperSprings Coil SumoSprings

Enhance the suspension on light-duty vehicles equipped with snowplows, replacement bumpers, winches and hitches with the Coil SumoSprings from SuperSprings. The easy-to-install, maintenance free unit slides between the turns of front and rear coil springs, providing extra support for the suspension when needed via microcellular urethane material that offers a progressive spring rate. Coil SumoSprings reduce side-to-side body roll, front-end dip and sagging without compromising the vehicle’s ride.

The cylindrical Coil SumoSprings have an H-shaped cross section that helps to hold them in place, and they install in less than an hour with no modification to your vehicle. Providing up to 800 pounds of support, the product is available for not only pickup trucks, but also for Ford E150 and GMC G2500 vans, as well as several models of SUVs. Coil SumoSprings