Prolong Fuel Treatment

Prolong fuel tretment

Prolong Fuel Treatment Solutions


Keeping your work pickup’s fuel system operating at peak efficiency is a critical part of preventive maintenance and keeping fuel costs minimized.

Prolong has the solution for both gasoline and diesel pickups.

Prolong’s Fast Fuel Gasoline Fuel System Cleaner is formulated to thoroughly clean the entire fuel system including pumps and injector tips, as well as add lubricity to the fuel.

A fuel system free of carbon build-up with a full, uninhibited spray pattern for optimum firing is essential to smooth, efficient operation and maximum fuel economy.

Prolong Fuel System Cleaner is compatible with all grades of gasoline and effective for at least 3,000 miles.

Prolong’s Fast Fuel Diesel Fuel Treatment contains premium detergents to clean injectors and the entire fuel system.

It also provides protection against corrosion, decreases black smoke, and helps reduce sludge build-up to enhance performance and fuel economy. Increased fuel lubricity helps protect against premature pump and injector wear.

Meets L-10 diesel fuel additive specifications for injector cleanliness and Cummins N-14 diesel fuel additive specifications for corrosion protection with low and high sulfur fuels.

Both products are available at Prolong’s Online Store or at auto parts outlets nationwide.