Diesel Fluid Damper


Fluidamper Improves Diesel Engine Power and Longevity


Without a crankshaft damper, or with an improper design or worn-out damper, your truck’s engine will produce torsional vibrations.

These vibrations induce a back-and-forth oscillation through the engine’s crankshaft.

When these oscillations begin to collide with other vibration frequencies of the same magnitude it amplifies and resonates a destructive force.

When these destructive forces repeatedly happen it results in worn timing gears, timing chains, irregular valve train lash, destroyed main bearings, fractured accessory pulley mounts and even crankshaft failure.

A worn out OEM damper is the leading cause of broken crankshafts. Protect yourself from catastrophic engine failure by installing a Fluidampr Performance Damper.

Stock dampers utilize rubber or elastomer to control torsional vibrations. The rubbery material not only breaks down over time, but limits the capabilities for the damper to operate correctly throughout the entire RPM range.

Fluidamper Harmonic Dampers use a viscous silicone fluid, internal inertia ring and a laser sealed housing. The precision assembly used to construct a Fluidampr harmonic damper is the most effective way to control torsional twisting.

Fluidampr performance harmonic dampers have been tested on both stock and performance tuned diesel pick-ups.

Dynamometer tests have shown consistent increases in both horsepower and torque in the Cummins, Powerstroke and Duramax motors.

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