Double Trans Cooling

Xtrude Transmission Oil Coolers for Heavy Duty applications

When heavy-duty pickups are being used hard in towing/hauling work situations, the transmission takes the brunt of the load.

Excessive heat is the death of automatics and that’s where trans coolers save the day.

BD Diesel Performance’s Double Stacked Xtrude Trans Oil Coolers deliver over 40,000 BTU/HR of cooling and over 350% temperature drop versus the factory system — and 136% better temperature drop than BD’s standard single core kit.

Each cooler has 200 Micro Extruded bar passages (400 in total) providing a large surface area to transfer heat for external air flow cooling while turbulent oil flow design promotes a more complete cooling.

A 10-inch thermostatically controlled 800 CFM electric fan offers ultimate automatic oil temperature control.

Install packages for either 1/2″ or 5/8″ transmission cooler lines and comes complete with a build-it-yourself galvanized bracket kit for quicker and cleaner installation.

Contact: BD Diesel Performance; (800) 887-5030