Cobra iRadar ATOM

Cobra iRadar Atom High-Tech Performer


The Cobra iRadar ATOM is the most innovative, user-friendly and technologically advanced radar/laser/camera detection system on the market.

Cobra’s new detector employs smaller components while packing in its highest performance platform, making it the radar detector with the smallest footprint in the industry and 35% smaller than the iRadar 200.

Innovations include allowing users to share alerts in real time when connected with the iRadar app and the iRadar Community.

(The iRadar Community lets users report and warn other users of live police, caution areas, and photo enforcement areas.)

The companion smartphone app vividly displays a host of valuable information including speed, compass direction, location-based mapping, maximum speed setting, and an array of warnings from the iRadar ATOM itself, and from other iRadar users nearby.