Wireless Power Running Boards

Bestop Wireless PowerBoard NX


Bestop has made an industry first with the PowerBoard NX — a powered running board system that uses a magnetic sensor to wirelessly activate the steps when the doors are opened and closed, totally eliminating splicing into the OEM wiring harness.

PowerBoardNX adds patent pending Wi-Fi component technology, making the board installation easier and faster.

The PowerBoard NX Wi-Fi system components — door sensors that affix to each door pillar without drilling, and a receiving unit solidly located to the frame beneath the truck.

Wireless transmitter utilizes Wi-Fi to trigger activation of Bestop PowerBoard NX.

Instead of relying on the factory “door open” wire, these sensors use a magnetic trip.

As soon as the door opens, the battery equipped sensor sends a signal to the receiver, which triggers PowerBoard NX to instantly extend into position.

When the door is closed, PowerBoard NX automatically retracts after a five second delay.

Very different from a fixed side step or nerf bar, powered running boards tuck up under the truck when not needed.

When the door opens they automatically and instantly extend, ergonomically dropping down about 6 inches and out about 2 inches when the doors are opened.

Truck owners and installers may now choose the original hard-wired PowerBoard with all of its continuous improvements, or the PowerBoard NX. 

 Contact: www.bestop.com or see local dealer.