J.W. Speaker LED Driving Lights

J.W. Speaker TS3000R Driving Light 


J.W. Speaker has just released the latest in the TS3000 family of high intensity LED driving lights – the TS3000R.

This brand new, 6” round driving light delivers massive light output with extremely low power consumption, has vibration-resistant construction, and should live 50,000-plus hours.

“The TS3000R provides an amazingly clean, white light. HID doesn’t even compare when you consider the longevity and durability of this new LED lamp.

The pencil beam reaches a staggering distance and puts light exactly where you need it.” said Alan Dunn, President & Owner, High Country Performance 4Ă—4.

The solid die-cast aluminium housing incorporates an integrated mounting bracket available in either black or silver.

Like its predecessor, the TS3000R is available in two different beam patterns. The driving beam projects out an impressive 1,600 feet with a generous foreground illumination, while the extremely long pencil-beam shoots its focused beam a full 2,600 feet.

The technology in the TS3000 family of lights is ground breaking. From the solid state electronics that control the powerful LEDs, to the unique convex lenses and light-controlling outer lens, the TS3000R creates illumination that has no equal.