Quick-Release Extinguisher Mount

ORS Fire-Extinguisher Quick Release Mount

Fire extinguishers are mandatory to meet some OSHA requirements. So having a quick-release extinguisher in your work pickup, on the equipment trailer, or on the jobsite makes good safety sense.

Off-Road Solutions (ORS) now has a modular, affordable Quick Release Mount kit for 1- , 2.5- and 5-lb. extinguishers.

This system features two billet aluminum mounting brackets and stainless steel pins.

Pulling the release pin allows the ORS mount to swivel apart for fast fire extinguisher removal.

ORS offers optional hose clamps as well as upgraded billet clamps for 2.5-lb. extinguishers and 1.75-inch rollbar tubing. 

Contact ORS, 901-231-5071 or [email protected].