Chassis/Grille Guard Paint

PlastiKote Chassis and Grille Guard

The PlastiKote Chassis and Grille Guard paint is an epoxy that sprays on evenly and dries to a factory-like finish while providing long-lasting protection against the elements. 

 â€śPlastiKote Chassis and Grille Guard is a super-tough epoxy paint that resists cracking, chipping and peeling,” said Katie Whiting, product manager, aerosols for Valspar.

“It provides a versatile finish and is ideal for use on prepared metals such as vehicle frames, roll bars and grille guards.” 

Available in gloss white, gloss black and satin black, PlastiKote Chassis and Grille Guard also features  a twist-and-lock cap that makes the spray painting easier, faster and cleaner.

To see more about the effectiveness of PlastiKote Chassis and Grille, click here to view a short video.