Tow Ratings Explained Video

Video: Pickup Tow Ratings Explained 

Towing & The Law; GM Trailering Engineer explains the science behind pickup tow ratings


 by Larry D. Walton / Editorial Services West

Robert Krouse, General Motors’ Trailering Engineer and chair of the SAE Tow Vehicle Trailer Rating Committee, brought contractors and related business owners up to speed on pickup tow ratings during the 2012 ProPickup Truck Expo in Dallas. 

Towing with pickups is a big part of the construction and contracting trades, municipalities and DOTs across the country. It’s also a serious liability issue when the tow vehicle isn’t set up properly to tow trailers that weigh more than 5,000 pounds.

Avoiding towing accidents and related law suits starts at the hitch.

Krouse take PPTE SmartSession attendees through tow ratings and why they are of importance to business owners and to the safety of their employees. 

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