Big Red Engine Programmer

Mobil Delvac Big Red

Hypertech Tune A Big Power Boost 

Dec. 5, 2012

Odometer: 136,861

What a difference a tune makes!

Hypertech dyno guys spent the better part of yesterday running our Mobil Delvac Big Red stock and then with each of the three tunes (Stage 1,2, and 3). We stayed with the highest power output (Stage 3) because of the truck’s weight.

The power gain: 88hp/156 lb/ft at the rear wheels in 3rd gear.

What is most impressive is the power comes on from throttle tip-in so it’s not spiky while you drive. Very linear.

And fun it is to drive now. Have to be a little careful on wet pavement as it’s real easy to get traction control activated as the big duals break loose if you lay into the throttle hard from a stop or slow rolling speed.

Out on the open road, accelerating from say 55mph-70mph is a breeze now.

Before the tune the Duramax took a while to get the load moving. Now you just think about going faster and you’re there….

As for fuel economy gains? It worked. Better than i expected.

The fuel economy on my drive back to our Tuscloosa offices netted an even 12mpg running 70mph most of the way.That’s a huge bump from the high 9s on the way to Hypertech.

My guess is the Max Energy Stage 3 tune really did bring back 2-3mpg. Again, impressive all around.

[youtube hTLKaxJDn4I nolink]