Pour-In Leak Repair

K&W FiberLock Pour-In Head/Block Repair 


CRC Industries, Inc., has a new product that will save thousands of dollars for owners of vehicles with leaking head gaskets with its revolutionary cooling system additive, K&W FiberLock. 

FiberLock Head Gasket & Block Repair ($35.99), launched under the company’s K&W brand, is a “Do-It-Yourself” pour-and-go product that permanently repairs cracks in head gaskets, engine blocks, freeze plugs, cylinder heads and radiators.

Engineered with sodium silicate reinforced with military-strength proprietary fibers, FiberLock forms an interlocking web-like weave over the crack or breach, creating a permanent, multi-layer, impenetrable repair.

It also uses nanotechnology to reach into microscopic cracks and crevices, making the molecular bond stronger, more solid and permanently hardened to the surface area.

Cool-X™ Conditioner circulates in the cooling system for lower operating temperatures and improved heat transfer long after the repair is made.

FiberLock is backed by CRC’s double your money back guarantee and is now available at CARQUEST Auto Parts and other quality automotive retailers and wholesale distributors.