Air N Arc I300

Air N Arc I300; six power systems in one

Vanair’s innovative Air N Arc® I300 is the first system in the world to offer six forms of power in a single 48” unit.

Based on the technology of the Air N Arc 300 diesel system, Vanair’s new integrated power unit  provides the following power sources driven off one engine:

  • 40cfm rotary-screw compressor
  • 7kW AC generator
  • 300-amp welder
  • battery booster
  • battery charger
  • 10.5gpm hydraulic pump

Designed to provide full functionality with the truck engine off, mechanics can remain productive in all areas of their workday with enough power to run a crane.

The I300, which fits easily in a pickup bed or on the side pack of a service body, reduces chassis fuel consumption, noise, and engine maintenance while meeting anti-idling laws.

Vanair’s  compact unit saves money,space and weight when compared to purchasing and installing individual components.