Cleaning MAF Sensor


CRC MAF Sensor Cleaner spray

CRC MAF Sensor Spray Cleaner 

The Mass Air Flow Sensors (MAF) in today’s gas and diesel engines is an extremely sensitive electronic component in the air intake tube that determine how the engine runs.

When it gets dirty, changes to the air-fuel-ratio affects the engine’s operation, power and fuel economy. 

But instead of replacing the MAF as the vehicle manufacturers recommend, which can cost upwards of $300, clean it. 

This Mass Air Flow Sensor Cleaner from CRC ($7) is specifically designed for cleaning sensitive components of mass airflow sensors.

This CRC Mass Air Flow Sensor Cleaner helps to increase horsepower and improve air-to-fuel ratio, MPG, and helps to reduce emissions.

Works to correct rough idling, hesitation and pinging.

Cleaning the MAF should also be done during any air intake upgrades, such as installing a cold-air intake, where the MAF is moved from the OE assembly to the aftermarket unit.