TopDog Oil Filter Kit

TopDog V Oil Bypass System

Pareto Point Industries (PPI) TopDog V  is a parallel oil bypass filtration system that super-filters to the 2 micron filtration level.

The kit can be installed by virtually anyone in just a few minutes, using only a ratchet and a drill. 

Adan Reinosa, P.E., PPI’s President states, “The TopDog V system provides a brand new way of providing bypass filtration to any engine or system using a spin-on oil filter, and its proprietary connection will surprise those vested in older or current bypass technology.  

TopDog V’s innovative patent pending system uses an adapter which allows the system to be connected to an engine in a couple of minutes, rather than the three to six or more hours of labor required by current systems.”   

By using this adapter, TopDog V is also able to eliminate the current practice of side-streaming 5-15% of the oil flow from  the engine to the pan, allowing the engine to utilize 100% of the lubricant flow, critical for stressful engine situations.   

According to Mr. Reinosa, “By eliminating oil side-streaming, the engine is no longer subject to decreasing oil pressure and flow through bypass filtration.  This is particularly important for older engines.”