Rechargeable LED Flashlight

Coast Rechargeable LED Flashlight

State-of-the-art  Rechargeable A22R/25R Flashlights 

Coast has set out to design and build the best LED flashlights available, just as feature rich and dependable for everyday users as they are for the many law enforcement, military and fire and rescue professionals who praise Coast’s products. 

The new rechargeable A-Series 22R/25R lights have attained that goal, producing more than 400 lumens

Lithium rechargeable batteries are included, but the A25R and A22R can run on standard alkaline batteries too.

An optional spare lithium battery cartridge, allows users to charge 

Like most new Coast flashlights, both the A25R and the A22R feature the patent-pending Pure Beam Focus­ing System – with proprietary optics that produce a pure, bright consistency across the entire beam; whether it is the tightest spot or widest flood of light.

They also have Fingertip Speed Focus Control, another first from Coast that lets users keep one hand free while focusing the flashlight with just a thumb or finger by sliding the front bezel forward or back.

The A25R includes the ingenious, Coast-exclusive Cyclone™ Heat Sink System that decreases heat buildup, facilitates maximum light output and increases LED lifespan.